The moves of blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the word and for good reason. With a wonderful mix of skill, strategy, and luck, blackjack has all of the aspects of an enticing and enjoyable game. Another wonderful thing about blackjack is the fact that the rules are very simple and there are not that many different things that you can do so learning the game is easy but there is enough skill involved that playing blackjack perfectly requires a great deal of experience. In blackjack, players are given five different options depending on the situation. The five different actions that a playing can do are double down, split a pair, hit, stay, or surrender. The first two, double down and split a pair, can only be done in specific scenarios.

For example, a player can double down after he or she is dealt his or her first two cards. Doubling down means that the player will double his or her current bet but will only be allowed one additional card. Splitting a pair is just that, if a player has two of the same card they can split the hand into two unique hands by moving a bet of equal value behind the second hand. Surrender is an option many casinos offer where players can choose to surrender the hand in return for getting half of their bet back and this occurs after the dealer checks for blackjack. Getting hit is where a player accepts an additional card from the dealer and staying is when you are happy with your hand and do not wish to have any more cards.